The 5 Things You Need Your Sales Pitch To Be


Having a freelance copy writer, write quality sales pitches are an integral part of any business regardless of whether you conduct it online or offline.  It is the last stage of the marketing journey; the point where you have sufficiently informed your customer about the product that you are offering and are waiting for them to take the jump. Having good sales copy on your website is imperative if you intend to sell something and there are many traditional methods of making a pitch of your product. Pamphlets, brochures, sales letters and banners are all part of the typical advertising campaign.

When marketing your product on the internet, certain changes have to be made to your sales copy because your potential customers just don’t want to see another product that is up for sale; they want to see something that they want and it is your responsibility (mine actually if you hire me as a freelance copywriter) to make them think that they need it. Your online web copy cannot be another fancy picture and no information because impulse buying on the internet cannot be promoted as much as it can be in the real world. However, there are certain other things that your web copy needs to be if you want it to yield the maximum results.

The Top 5 things you need your sales pitch to be:

  • Convincing: It may sound like a mediocre point, especially if you are learned in the arts of copy writing but I have seen even veterans not emphasizing enough on this aspect of their pitch.  When I say convincing, I do not mean throwing testimonials or reviews at the faces of your customers or presenting them with some sort of information that they cannot comprehend.  If you want to convince your customers to buy your product, at first you have to understand them.  For example, if you are selling some sort of registry cleaning software, begin your pitch by saying that is a registry and why your computer will perform better if you clean its registry regularly.  Unless someone has been living under a rock for the last decade, they have access to a computer. So if you want to tap the huge potential market then you have to appeal to all of them, even the ones who are not so tech savvy.
  • Elaborate:  Listing the features of your product. What it can and cannot do. Whether the buyer has rights to distribute or not. What the refund and privacy policies are and what you are giving away for free.  Always try to offer something that adds more value to your product even if it is a simple instruction manual or a cash-on-delivery offer.  Inform your customers about even the tiniest details about what you are selling so that you can help them make an informed decision. It is no use selling them something that they are eventually going to refund.  Apart from the money you lose, it will also make you lose confidence in your product.
  • Visually pleasing:  The use of graphics on your sales pitch is essential because people will be more prone to read things that catch their attention.  Learn to design some simple badges, logos, charts, tables or other forms of visual effects that you can have on your sales page.  Instead of having a white page with some text, try to make it colorful and attractive. Bold the sentences that send a message to your customers. The rule of them is to “make them big and make them red” but I prefer to use more aesthetic means to designing a sales page. Developing a theme, coming up with color combination, designing badges, like the one on the top of this post, are all part of the job description.
  • Well constructed: Once again, instead of simply writing what you have to say, take some time and think about the order in which you want to present your information.  Take it step-by-step, in a logical array and appeal to the emotions of your customers.  Inform them about what you are selling, make them like what you are selling and ultimately make them an offer that they cannot refuse.  The layout of your pitch depends once again on the nature of the product that you are selling. Some people may simply be interested in the product and not in the pitch. In which case, have the price and “buy now” button listed in the upper areas so that a person has the option of buying your product straight away.
  • Available:  Once you have your actual sales pitch ready there is the issue of making sure that it reaches the right people.  In the real world, you would send the copy to your printing offices and then distribute it but online, passing along your message is a tad bit more complicated. Search engines and internet users determine the quality of information and if you do not offer quality, chances are that your campaign will not yield enough results.  It takes considerable skill and knowledge to make informed online marketing decisions and your expertise with the internet as a marketing platform is very important to the success of your entire campaign.

It is possible to make your sales copy be listed by popular search engines but you need to take the correct initiatives. If you want your sales pitch to be the best, in terms of content, layout and graphics, then you need a good freelance copy writer and is the way to go!


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