Terms Of Service


The terms clients, users, you or your; are used to refer to anyone who is accessing the site and is making use of the services offered by RnGWriter.com.

Works or content are terms used to refer to the freelance writing services provided by RnGWriter.com.

1)      RngWriter.com is a website offering freelance writing services and operates on a per-project basis billing system.

2)      All due payments for works completed by RnGWriter.com is to be completed within 10 days.  Any project is considered completed when a client receives the order he/she has placed on or before the delivery date specified in the Project Proposal and when the client does not specify any request for further editing to fore mentioned works completed. Failure to complete payment or failure to notify RnGWriter.com for editing requests or failure to notify RnGWriter.com of your rejection of completed works within 10 days of final project submission will result in the completed works being the sole property of RnGWriter.com and cannot be used by client.

Note:  Once a client makes final payment, that will automatically count for acceptance.

3)       Depending on the size of the order made by client and the amount due, clients may have to make interim deposits i.e. after paying the initial upfront percentage; more payments may have to be made before the completion of the project, to ensure continuation of said project.

4)      No Spec-Work Allowed.  RngWriter.com is not going to entertain requests to work on a trial basis for free.

5)      Termination Of Services by Client:  If a client no longer wishes to employ my services whilst in the middle of an ongoing project, no further payments will have to be made and any content that had been submitted to the client before termination of services will be the sole property of RnGWriter.com and cannot be used, re-written or distributed by the client unless client agrees to make payment for the partially completed project.

6)      Unforeseen or Sudden Termination Of Project:  RnGWriter.com is operated by a single freelance writer and in the event of sickness or injury or any other circumstance where the writer is not able to complete the project, payment will have to be made for the partial project completed and client will have all rights to works submitted.

7)      Copyright infringement: All works and content provided by is the sole property of RnGWriter.com until final payment has been made and that is when full copyrights will be transferred to client. Failure to comply will result in RnGWriter.com taking the necessary steps to file charges under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998.

8) RnGWriter.com will not take part in projects which are related to

  • Pornographic/ adult.
  • Racist/hate.
  • Firearms.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Gambling.

Terms Of Service are subject to change as deemed appropriate by the site administrator.