About Me

RnGWriter.com was founded by Syed Shadab Mahbub who incidentally also offers freelance writing services through this site.  My humble writing career began in my school days when I began to write for a school publication.  I liked the idea of how I could express myself and the creativity that I could incorporate in my work.  A couple of years later, a fried of mine introduced me to outsourced freelancing.

Getting paid to write??

I was all up for it. However, so were a lot of other people. The business model that many freelancing sites operate on is not exactly suitable for content providers. If you want work, you will have to work at extremely low rates and there are so many middle men between me and the actual client; very soon it became more about putting stuff together that made sense instead of actually putting in my best effort.

As of two months ago, I was working at extremely low rates and for some reason I continued working at those rates even though I had more lucrative offers from local newspapers and magazines.  However, establishing myself as a freelance writer was something of a challenge to me specially considering I am a non-native English speaker and that there is a certain amount of bad blood for non-native writers.

Ironically though when I see job posters proclaiming boldly, “NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS ONLY”, I know that there are two possibilities:

1) The employer has had bad experience with a non-native writer before and is now simply treading carefully.

2) The are specifically bent on not outsourcing their work and keeping it closer to home.

Either way, it is not my job to convince them of my writing abilities or to correct their ethical view-point. I established this freelance writing site, so that people could easily see for themselves the value of what I have to offer.  My blog posts, testimonials and samples are meant to serve as evidence of my writing capabilities.

So readers, spread the word: There is a bad ass non-native English writer in town.